About Gallery Zeff

Zeff Maloney


Having grown up in the fine art and auction business under the watchful and tutorial of his father, Bud, and mother, Pauline, who began their business in the 1950’s, Zeff was the young man holding up items for sale in the front of the auction. It’s here, in his handling and association with each object, that Zeff’s love for objects and the importance of details became apparent in his life. After several years of European travels, Zeff returned to Lexington and expanded the antique store in downtown which became Lexington’s largest and greatest source of locals, designers, dealers, and a national clientele.

Zeff has been hired to travel to England, Ireland, and other spots around the world to set up antiques and arts business contracts, he has been a large quantity supplier of unique store furnishing displays for notable businesses. He has been hired to speak on fine art subjects, including pieces by local artist Henry Faulkner. The University of Kentucky art museum enlisted Zeff for the inaugural UK Art Museum appraisal day events, also conducted many one man traveling appraisal day events for banks and other groups. Zeff has even appeared as the appraisal on multiple episodes of American Pickers with Mike and Frank.

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